About Me

img_0289So here’s my deal…

This blog and TheHomeFitnessClub.com came to be because I’ve been involved in fitness and exercise most of my life and I love to write. In fact, I write for a living and my focus is the health and fitness industry. My fitness journey began in middle school with cross country and track and I added field hockey to the mix in high school. I earned a college degree in Exercise Science and have worked as a certified personal trainer, high school track coach, director of a trainer certification organization, college fitness professor and Physical Education teacher for Pre-K through 8th graders. I also train select clients on-line.

As my family evolved (I have 3 kids) my fitness program had to evolve. When I quit working outside my home to be home with my children, I also quit WORKING OUT outside my home (i.e. no more gym membership). I got creative with ways to get a good workout at home while the kids napped or played nearby.

I got tired of searching for ideas and only finding cutesy workouts or things that involved lifting your babies. (That can be a good workout but it wasn’t enough for me!) I got tired of the idea that a home workout couldn’t be challenging or produce results.

I decided that instead of searching the internet for ideas, I would just create my own. The Home Fitness Club was born in the summer of 2012. I love the fit lifestyle and absolutely love what I do (which is half the battle, right!?)

Happy Exercising,


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