Homemade Yogurt Tubes

I strive to have my kids eat healthy food most of the time. We always have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and I pack their lunches and home cook dinner most nights so I know what I’m feeding them. I’m not perfect…in fact, they’re gorging themselves on Halloween candy as I write this! We have junk food and snack food and desserts but 85% of the time, we eat healthy.

My daughters both love Greek yogurt and are happy to eat it by the spoonful right out of the carton but…they also love those oddly colored tubes of yogurt that can be frozen and put in lunch boxes. I’m sure they love them for all the sugar that’s in them. After all, who wouldn’t love a tube of sugar?! I will not buy these sugar tubes for what I hope are obvious reasons despite the begging in the middle of the diary aisle.

But, I’ve recently found an acceptable solution. I found zip top plastic tube bags on Amazon that can be used to make your own yogurt tubes or popsicle treats. Score!

Yes, its obviously more work than just buying the ones in the store but I think its worth it. My girls love strawberries so I made strawberry yogurt tubes.


I started with fresh strawberries and pureed them in my NutriBullet.


Then, because the girls are weird about fruit chunks and seeds in their yogurt, I pushed the puree through a strainer. An extra, unnecessary step if your kids are not freaked out by a chunk of berry…


Then, I mixed the puree with Greek yogurt until it was fully blended. If you’re brave, you can have your kids help you with this part but in my house this would just multiply my work exponentially. How to clean yogurt off the ceiling is a post for another day!


Filling the tube bags can be a bit tedious but if you’re just patient and use a funnel and a ladle, you can have it done in no time. The girls ate some right away and LOVED it and the rest went in the freezer or fridge for snacks and lunches. Ta Da!

The kids are happy and I’m happy. What could be better than that?!

Happy Exercising!

P.S. Look for my Complete 10K Training Plan ebook on sale soon!





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