It’s National Underwear Day!


Yes, apparently, that’s a thing! I know…its weird. But, I decided to use this odd opportunity to talk about undies. Bear with me…

I’ve been working out for many, many years and never really saw the need for specialized workout or ‘fitness’ underwear. I always wore whatever clean pair I grabbed out of the drawer. Or, during my spandex phase, none at all. I mean underwear is underwear, right? It doesn’t really matter. Or does it?

Then one day my husband, in an effort to support my fitness habit, bought me some Under Armour Sheer Stretch underwear. I actually think it was more to support HIS Under Armour habit but at least I benefitted this time.

When I opened the package, I was surprised at how thin and lightweight the undies were. The fabric was super soft and stretchy. I couldn’t wait to try them…it was a little sad and probably embarrassing how giddy I was about underwear.

The test was an easy 3 mile run. I wore the undies under a pair of capri tights and they performed amazingly. They didn’t slide around or ride up where they didn’t belong. They stayed put which is more than I can say for any regular underwear. I just assumed this was a universal problem that everyone dealt with. Until now.

The Sheer Stretch title lived up to its name. The fabric was so sheer and smooth I barely noticed them on my run. Full disclosure: I actually paid close attention since it was my first time wearing them but was pleasantly surprised at how there was nothing to notice. Did that even make sense?!

I tried them several more times while running, lifting and on the elliptical just to be sure but I have to say, I’m sold.

Are they a necessity? Probably not. I only have 3 pair in two different style so I’m constantly washing them but they’re so worth it. I’m thinking it’t time to go shopping again. My husband will be so excited.

Happy Exercising!

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