4 Ways to Fit in a Run When the Kids are Home

headerimageI run, on average, three times a week. More if I can but, I’m still recovering from medical issues earlier in the year, so three times a week works for me right now. But, the kids are home on summer break….running only 3 times a week is even hard at the moment. How to fit in my runs without having to do them ALL on the treadmill?

First, I’m fortunate to have a teenager at home that doesn’t mind (usually!) watching the littles for 30-45 minutes. I try not to rely on this option all the time because it isn’t fair to my teenager but a few times a month, it works.

Second, I’ve changed my routine so at least one of my three runs is on the weekend when hubby is home. This works pretty well because we take turns working out and keeping the kids entertained.

Third, the middle school is within walking distance of our house and it has an open track. The kids play in the infield or ride their bikes or scooters while I run. It’s a great chance for me to get in an interval workout! And the kids are very active so this works well for them too.

Fourth, I have lots of fit mom friends and family members nearby so we can trade workout time and babysitting duties. On more than one occasion, I’ve dropped the kids at a friends house and gone running. The kids get play time together while the moms get to keep their sanity!

Yes, its a bit of work to fit in running and exercise when my kids are home for the summer but worth it. My kids like to work out with me and have asked for their own fitness trackers so I must be doing something right!