As the name “” implies, I work out at home and I’m always looking for ways to get a killer workout in my home. I create most of my own workouts because I can keep it simple and do what I like and frankly, it’s what I do!

But, there are times that I don’t want to or feel like coming up with my own workout for many reasons. Sometimes, I just need a change of pace. Sometimes I’m looking for new ideas or inspiration. And the bottom line is that variety in a fitness program is always a good thing.

If you do a search for online fitness videos you’ll get hundreds, even thousands, of returns. There are too many great sites and videos to list so I advise you to do your research, try out, experiment and find what you like. You might love yoga or Barre workouts. There are sites for those! You might want a high intensity cardio circuit workout or Pilates floor workout. There are sites for those too!

When I did this search myself a few months ago, I came across What a great site!

It’s completely free. You can create an account in order to save favorite workouts and use the calendar function but an account is not necessary. The site has a huge selection of full length individual workout videos as well as whole plans for anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks long. The variety of workouts is great and the instructors are knowledgable and do an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating exercises.

The site includes a comprehensive search and filter function to easily narrow down your workout choices. You can filter your search by:
– time
– difficulty
– body part
– equipment
– training type
For example, do you want a Barre workout or a Kettlebell workout? Are you looking to improve your flexibility or build your cardio endurance? Do you need a workout you can do in 20 minutes or less? You can search for all those variables!

I have not watched or done ALL the workouts (yet!) but I think this website is a valuable gem. I’ve used a few of the flexibility videos because stretching is not something I do regularly unless I’m told to. The programs are quick, effective and easy to follow along with.

As long as you have an internet connection, is a great resource for those of us working out in the family room. Try it out and let me (and know what you think.

P.S. I have no financial affiliation with I just think its a great resource and wanted to share!

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